DSTV Fibre

DSTV Fibre Termination Installation

DSTV Over Optic Fibre Distribution is a new technology which brings you high quality DSTV HD picture through digital signal processing engineering through fibre optics .DSTV Fiber source systems, are the recommended design by Multichoice South Africa for DSTV distribution of housing on Complexes/ Multi Dwellings with Communal Sattelite Dishes,

Advantages of DSTV Fibre Installation

  • Low loss of signal compared to normal coaxial installation on cables longer than one metre.
  • Fiber optic installations eliminate cable clutter in the system funneling or conduits•
  • Requires less cabling and sends all quadrants to the dstv decoders on communal Sattalite Dishes , with full signal levels.
  • Fiber optic installations are a very reliable source of cabling ,the wear and tare is close to zero, so its a future proof of less system servicing in future Fiber optic communal dstv installations and designs There are very many types of installing dstv over fiber optic cabling,