DSTV Errors

As a DSTV user ,at a certain point face some problems with their decoder or smartcard. In those cases, users receive a certain error code on their screen, most well-known DStv error code out there is E16.

E41Error Dot (red)DSD 660Service currently not availableParent Control BlockRe-assign Parent Block
Reset Parental Level
E42Error Dot (red)ALLParental Control PIN BlockedAccess blocked by Parental ControlRe-assign Parent Block
Rest Parental Level
Send E42 + SC number to 32472
Incorrect PIN entered more than 5 times
E43E43Surfer 3 DSD’sNot Allowed in this Country
E44No PG status is available
The PG status for this channel is not available
Parental Control has been activatedEnter your Parental Control PIN to clear
E45Error Dot (red)DSD 660
Surfer 3 DSD’s
Service not allowed
Service not authorised
No incoming signal
Attempt to tune to a blcked trasnport stream
Check Installation
Check Settings
Remove SC, scan all networks, re-insert SC
Contact MC
E46Error Dot (red)DSD 660Reading Service Information
E47Error Dot (red)DSD 660No Sound Track AvailableLanguage option not availableSelect an available Sound Track
E48E48There is no signal The smartcard is not receiving a signal.This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation.Verify no bad weather is affecting signal and verify install.
Can clear on self service
E49Error Dot (red)DSD 660LNB OverloadInstallation FaultyCheck Installation
Check Settings
Contact Installer
E50Error Dot (red)DSD 660
Surfer 3 DSD’s
No Service AvailableCheck Installation
Check Settings
Remove SC, scan all networks, re-insert SC
Check s/ware vesrion
Contact MC
No services available No Channels exist in the package you have selected. Please select another package.
E53Error Dot (red)DSD 660Incorrect Pin
E54Error Dot (red)DSD 660IPPV OkayUnkown what IPPV stand for
E55Error Dot (red)DSD 660No event information found
E56Error Dot (red)DSD 660CAM not compatible
E64Error Dot (red)DSD 660Invalid tuning parameters
E70DV (TV2)Services not available on TV2On an interactive channel
Interactive channels not available on TV2
Change to normal channel
Use TV1 for access to interactive services
E71DV (TV2)Song and Title Information not available on TV2DSD is on DMX bouquet, not available on TV2Move to Tv1Song title and Artist information cannot be viewed on the secondary viewing environment. If you really need to know the information, please use your primary viewing environment
E72DV (TV2)Rescan in progressDecoder in scanning modewait for decoder to complete scan
E73DV (TV2)TVLINK OverloadTVLINK not connected properlyCheck complete install
Enable TVLINK in advanced menu option
E74LNB 1 OverloadInsallation problem or LNB failureCheck complete installCall in an installer if you realy must
E75DV (TV2)LNB 2 OverloadInsallation problem or LNB failureCheck complete installCall in an installer if you realy must
E76DV (TV2)TV2 Disabled
Checking SC
DV not activated
s/w problem
Contact MC to check servive activation
s/w problem error should clear after a few seconds
E80E80Service is currently scrambled
Your account has been suspended
Access to service is deniedContact MC
Contact MC to
re-authorise service if a new activation
cards cannot be moved between decoders
messages should clear after a maximum of 2 minutes
E102E102-29HD PVRsThis function cannot be performed without a valid subscription.Attempted PVR access without such option on a HD PVR
E107E107-4Decoder and SC not paired
SC can only be paired once
Contact MC
Appears when SC is inserted into a decoder to which it is not pairedContact MC to
re-authorise service if a new activation
cards cannot be moved between decoders
E120E120-4Smartcard SynchronisationLoss of Time dependant information and synchronisation information.
Loss of data streamed from the Head End
Wait 5 -10 seconds, in normal conditions decoder, should recover and error should clear – DO NOTHING.
If it does not, it is very unlikely to be a decoder or SC problem, but a central problem at the Head End.
Premium smartcard time-dependent functionality. Delivery of this time/date information is repeated @ specific time intervals. When the decoder has been switched off for a while (or even just rebooted), this time/date information between the smartcard and the actual broadcast goes out of synch, forcing the Premium smartcard to re-acquire this info for it to start working again. That is when the decoder starts displaying the E120-4 error message on the TV screen. Message should only display for 5 to 10 seconds, UNLESS the information from MC is interrupted/not being broadcast.
E133E133Seen sometimes but detailes not available
E143E143-4Home gateway HNA expiredA transmission error from MC
XtraView settings being incorrect on either or both the decoders
This could have happened after a power cut or if the decoder(s) were switched off at the power source.”
OR after a s/w upgrade on either of the decoders
E144E144-4Your decoder or smartcard has not been correctly set up on MC’s side
Wrong Home Network
On some decoders, a failure during a s/w upgrade may trigger these error messagesEnsure your install is correct and that ALL cables are correctly connected. If a s/w upgrade was in progress, then redo the upgrade.Some Installs with HD PVR 2Ps only connected with one input cable will tend to cause a froced upgrade to fail, which then gives this error.
E155Service will be suspended due to non -paymentNon-payment by due date ( in advance)pay your dues!error description incomplete and may not be accurate

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