Openview HD (OVHD) Installation

Openview HD (OVHD) is a free to air multi channel High Definition TV without monthly fees, you only pay once for equipment and installation. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once-off purchase of OpenView HD decoder, Dish and installation, OpenView HD is a new platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free, Some of the Decoders can be programmed to receive additional TV Channels such as BVN, DW, CCTV, France 24, E Movies, eToons. The latest Openview HD (OVHD) decoders PVR Function available for users to record their favorite TV Shows. Contact us for Openview Installation

What channels are available on OpenView HD (OVHD)?

Culture and lifestyle

Deen TV — lifestyle with an “Islamic ethos”

Entertainment and music

SABC1 — general entertainment

SABC2 — general entertainment

SABC3 — general entertainment

eHD — general entertainment

eKasi+ — local entertainment

eMovies+ — movies

eNolly+ — Nollywood movies and other African content

Trace Sport Stars — reality sports stars

Glow — Eastern-inspired content — local and international music

Children and education

eToonz+ — cartoons

Mindset — education

Da Vinci Learning — education


Inspiration TV — general religion

Kruiskyk TV — Afrikaans religion

Shembe Unyazi — local religion


Gagasi FM


Kaya FM


LM Radio

Heart FM

Radio Pulpit

Bok Radio

OpenView HD is compatible with any satellite dish

The OpenView HD satellite TV service sits on both the IS-20 and SES-5 satellites, which means it is now even easier for you to get OpenView HD if you already have a satellite dish installed. Simply put, if you have an installed dish, that has been used to receive DStv, Free-vision, Star Sat/Top TV or Vivid, you can now use the same dish to receive OpenView HD.

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